Saturday, 15 July 2017

$$$ How to Earn Money from ATC Coin ? ATC Coin Full Income Plan $$$

Hello friends, I will tell you how to make money from ATC Coin today.
First of all, you have to register at ATC Coin and buy ATC Coin. You can buy coins from at least Rs.5000 to Rs.1,00,000. You can register by clicking on the given referral link.

You must follow the steps below to buy Register and Coins: -
1) Clicking on this link will bring you the registration form.
2) You will see Referral ID: - fastatc. And fill the rest of the details and click on the register.
3) Once the registration is successful, you will receive SMS and email with all your details.

4) You are currently logged in by logging in to the log in details and logging in.5) Once you are logged in, you will see your dashboard in front of you.

6) Now, to buy Coins you have to click on the I-wallet Topup and click on Topup Request.
7) Now you can transfer funds to the company's bank, NEFT, IMPS, UPI, etc. Using |(You can buy at least Rs.5000 to Rs.1,00,000 in one time)
8) Now you have to fill all the details in the front form.Amount: - The amount you pay for the companySelect Payment method: - Selecting payment method, from which you made the paymentUpload Picture: - You need to upload a Screenshot of Transaction or Fior Receipt.Bank Name: - The bank from which you made the paymentReference No. : - which you got from the bank, which will appear in the transactionDate: - The date you paidAfter filling all these details, you will have your Coins Show in your 48 hours in your Dashboard.In this way you can buy ATC Coins.

Now let us tell you the options for earning:
In the first place you can earn how you can do without doing any work: -

Understand that you buy 1000 coins today at a rate of RS.6 

And the company says its rate will cross RS.100 till Dec.2018.
So see how much your earning happened: -

1000 Coins * 100 RS = Rs.1,00,000And you just put Rs.6000

And if you deposit coins, you get 10% Cashback Coins from the company every month for 18 months.

So you become 2800 coins for 18 months.
And at that time the rate will be at least Rs.100, the company is growing fast.
Then 2800 coins * Rs.100 = Rs.280,000

So you will earn at least Rs.280,000 in 18 months without any work.

To deposit, you can follow the steps of the following: -

1) You have to click on the Subscription Option and click on Make Your Deposit.
2) Now you have to put the amount you want to deposit coins.
3) Click on Add to Cart and click on Checkout.
4) Now you have to complete the process by filling all the details with the Payment Method, by clicking on Proceed Pay.
5) If you have already bought Coins then you have to choose ATC Wallet or Internal Wallet.

Here's how you can earn Earning by working with you: -

1) Anyone who buys coins by registering with your referral link, then you have level wise income upto Level 15: -

* One Time Sales Income: -

Level 1: - 5%
Level 2: - 3%
Level 3: - 3%
Level 4: - 2%
Level 5: - 2%
Level 6: - 2%
Level 7: - 2%
Level 8: - 2%
Level 9: - 1.50%
Level 10: - 1.50%
Level 11: - 1.50%
Level 12: - 1.50%
Level 13: - 1%
Level 14: - 1%
Level 15: - 1%

* You also get income from their Cashback Income: -

Level 1: - 5%
Level 2: - 4%
Level 3: - 3%
Level 4: - 2%
Level 5: - 1%
Level 6: - 1%
Level 7: - 1%
Level 8: - 1%
Level 9: - 1%
Level 10: - 1%
Level 11: - 1%
Level 12: - 1%
Level 13: - 1%
Level 14: - 1%
Level 15: - 1%

You can see all the following chart and see how much income will be available and when you can exceed the rewards and level.

Do not waste your time thinking of friends, make an account now by buying coins. Otherwise, it can not be dull in addition to patching.
If you need any help then: -

Whatsapp/Call :- 09673677380


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